Tricia and Howard are both artists as well as musicians. As with music, both learned at an early age from close mentors and family members. Tricia learned from Ellen Duncan of Lecompton, Kansas, a close friend to this day. Howard was profoundly influenced by his step-father, the renowned artist Tony Bass.


Howard’s work

Howard Rains, for the most part, paints portraits and still lifes in watercolor. He is known largely for his portraits of traditional musicians. The drawings are always done from life while sitting across from master musicians–listening and learning from them. It is Howard’s goal to document the living community of traditional music in his own, very personal way. To view Howard’s CV, click here.

These are paintings from Howard’s portfolio, to see work that is available to buy as an original watercolor,  you can visit the Spencer & Rains Store.

View more of Howard’s work on Flickr:


Tricia’s work

Tricia Spencer has her own, unique style of pen and ink drawings that focus on beautifully detailed patterns and folk art imagery.